About Us

What better way to start a dress store than with your best friend!  Nicole and Christine have been the very best of friends since meeting in the hallways of school back in the 80's.

"I still remember like it was yesterday.  I was walking out of a class as Nicole was walking in.  She told me that I looked like Robert Smith from The Cure.  At the time she couldn't have given me a bigger compliment if she'd tried. From that moment on we were virtually inseparable."

Four children between us and living two states away from each other times haven't changed much. We had toyed with the idea of working together for a while, but it wasn't until Flounce was born that things really came together.

Whilst we are different in many ways - our love of colourful prints, classic A Line skirts and every day dresses are the same.

We have put together a collection of pieces we love, wear ourselves and hope you love too.

As a team we have over 15 years of online retail experience.  We love what we do and hope you enjoy shopping with us.

Nicole and Christine